Night Sun

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For the Italian film, see The Sun Also Shines at Night.
For the Maya deity, see Maya jaguar gods.
Night Sun
Origin Mannheim, Heidelberg, Germany
Genres Heavy metal
Hard rock
Progressive rock
Years active 1970–1973
Labels Polydor/Zebra 1972
Second Battle 1997
Associated acts Take Five
Kin Ping Meh
Guru Guru
Members Bruno Schaab
Walter Kirchgessner
Knut Rossler
Ulrich Staudt

Night Sun were a German heavy prog/metal band consisting of Bruno Schaab (vocals, bass), Walter Kirchgessner (guitar), Knut Rossler (organ, saxophon) and Ulrich Staudt (drums).

Their one and only album, Mournin', was released in 1972 on Polydor's Zebra label. Kirchgessner's compositions and way of guitar playing reminds of Deep Purples's Ritchie Blackmore, and Schaab's vocals recalled the screams of Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. The group played a loud, Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/Led Zeppelin style rock, with a characteristic "heavy progressive" instrumentation of lead guitar, organ, bass and drums. The album was produced by Konrad Plank (whose production credits include Kraftwerk's early output and Ash Ra Tempel) at the Windrose Studio, Hamburg.

With their sudden shifts of rhythm structures, guitar-with-organ riffing style and some studio effects, particularly phasing, Night Sun never went too close to the ordinary boogie and rock'n'roll trap.

Their sound consisted of many elements, all of which will be of interest to fans of Thrash, Stoner, Doom, Power and Prog Metal, and their 1970s roots.


Night Sun's origins lay in the late 1960s jazz band Take Five who were popular in the Rhine Neckar Area of Germany.

Night Sun Mournin' soon shortened their name to just Night Sun, during which time they went through various line-up changes until their 1972 recording of the Mournin' LP.

Night Sun had only moderate local success and after the leaving of Kirchgessner in 1972, the band split up in 1973.

After the demise of the group, Bruno Schaab briefly joined Guru Guru, where his contribution was notable on the track, "The Story Of Life".

Walter Kirchgessner later switched over to playing classical music (cello) in different symphony orchestras and string quartets.


They released only one LP.

  • 1972 - Mournin' - Label: Zebra 2949 004

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Plastic Shotgun (2:34)

2. Crazy Woman (4:22)

3. Got A Bone Of My Own (7:45)

4. Slush Pan Man (4:25)

5. Living With The Dying (5:31)

6. Come Down (5:48)

7. Blind (4:24)

8. Nightmare (3:16)

9. Don't Start Flying (3:07)

Total Time: 41:12

The LP was re-issued on CD digipak in 1997 by Second Battle SB 041

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