Night Train to Venice

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Night Train to Venice
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Carlo U. Quinterio
Produced by Toni Hirtreiter
Written by Toni Hirtreiter
Leo Tichat
Starring Hugh Grant
Tahnee Welch
Malcolm McDowell
Rachel Rice
Alaïs Adell
Kristina Söderbaum
Angelina Amaris
Music by Wolfgang Hammerschmid
Cinematography Armando Nannuzzi
Edited by Wiktor Grodecki
Distributed by International Video Pictures
Release dates
Jun 1, 1995 (Wide)[1]
Running time
98 min.
Country  Germany
Language English

Night Train to Venice is a 1996 German contemporary Gothic-horror film directed by Carlo U. Quinterio. This international production was a cooperation of British, Italian, and German artists, including Hugh Grant, Malcolm McDowell, Tahnee Welch, Alaïs Adell, Evelyn Opela, Angelina Amaris, Kristina Söderbaum and Rachel Rice (Big Brother 9 winner).

The film has been criticized for the non-linear plot it follows and the obvious references to the Gothic genre. In a radio interview in 2002, Hugh Grant deemed the film the "worst" he has ever been in.[2]

The thriller presents a labyrinthine combination of sexual transgression, darkness, and intrigue, bearing a strong similarity to other Gothic texts, including Dracula. The story itself features obscure icons, such as the constant appearance of a woman and child dressed in white, ferocious Rottweilers who have a taste for human flesh, Venetians in strange masks, and recurring figures of the Commedia dell'arte; all of these elements wrapped in a dream-like atmosphere.[3]


The story revolves around the young journalist Martin Gimmle (Hugh Grant) who is traveling to Venice by train to drop off a copy of his book on European Neo-Nazism. On the way there he meets a bevy of odd characters. Among them is The Stranger (Malcolm McDowell), an illusive and evil character, who has mysterious powers over dreams. He also encounters Vera (Tahnee Welch), a performer who is travelling with her daughter, and he falls in love with her. He eventually becomes prey to his mysterious surroundings, following the trail of Neo-Nazi gangs and their leader, The Stranger uses his powers, causing Martin the loss of his memory. The only persons who can help him now are Vera and her daughter.


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