Night Trap (film)

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Night Trap/Mardi Gras for the Devil
Directed by David A. Prior[1]
Produced by Jill Silverthorne
David Winters[1]
Written by David A. Prior
Starring Robert Davi
Michael Ironside
John Amos
Mike Starr
Mickey Jones
Lesley-Anne Down
Music by Christopher Farrell
Cinematography Don E. FauntLeRoy
Edited by Tony Malanowski
Distributed by Prism Pictures
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
West Side Studios
Release date
  • 1993 (1993)
Running time
93 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Night Trap, also known as Mardi Gras for the Devil, is a 1993 supernatural thriller film directed by David A. Prior and starring Robert Davi, Michael Ironside, John Amos, Mike Starr, Lesley-Anne Down and Mickey Jones.


Veteran cop Mike Turner (Robert Davi) is brought in to help solve a string of baffling satanic homicides. He soon finds himself along with Capt. Hodges (John Amos) seeking to catch a murderous psycho called Bishop (Michael Ironside) who's gone on a killing spree during New Orleans' Mardi Gras. Only problem is that this killer has lost his soul to the devil and is no longer human... but a seemingly indestructible demonic being, intent on destroying the lives of everyone around Mike; and shall not stop until he has cost Mike not just his life... but his soul.


Actor / Actress Character
Robert Davi Mike Turner
Michael Ironside Bishop
John Amos Capt. Hodges
Mike Starr Det. Williams
Mickey Jones Bartender
Lesley-Anne Down Christine Turner
Lydie Denier Valerie
Margaret Avery Miss Sadie
Lillian Lehman Mrs. Hodges
Jack Forcinito (as Jack Verell) Stevens
David Dahlgren Johnson
Earl Jarrett Guard
Keri-Anne Bilotta Michelle
Butch Robbins Driver
Michael J. Anderson (as Michael Anderson) Police Officer
Lynwood Robinson Police Officer
Portia Bennett Johnson Dancer
John Neely Face in the Fire
Douglas Harter(as Doug Harter) Face in the Fire
Mario Opinato Face in the Fire

Critical reaction[edit]

Reviewers in this genre very often focus on numbers. The numbers of people killed; The numbers of exposed body parts; The number of explosions;

Seriously I’ve never seen such a dull movie. There isn’t a single scene in the movie that feels at all natural. The entire movie feels staged and awkward, especially the love scenes that are just terrible.

Bloodtype online --John "El Juan" Shatzer

are all very important aspects of the review of a low budget action picture. But some reviewers demand more. El Juan Shatzer of Bloodtype Online was disappointed that the talented cast was wasted on a tepid script and flat direction by David A. Prior. None of those shortcomings prevented Joe Bob Briggs from recommending it

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