Night Visitor

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Night Visitor/Never Cry Devil/The Night Visitor
Night Visitor FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byRupert Hitzig
Produced byAlain Silver
Written byRandal Viscovich
StarringRichard Roundtree
Elliott Gould
Shannon Tweed
Michael J. Pollard
Derek Rydall
Allen Garfield
Music byParmer Fuller
CinematographyPeter C. Jensen
Edited byGlenn Erickson
Premiere Pictures Corporation
Distributed byUnited Artists Pictures
MGM/UA Home Entertainment
Premiere Pictures Corporation
Release date
  • 1989 (1989)
Running time
93 minutes
CountryUnited States

Night Visitor is an independently-financed 1989 thriller shot under the title Never Cry Devil that was directed by Rupert Hitzig, produced by Alain Silver, and stars Richard Roundtree, Elliott Gould, Allen Garfield, and Derek Rydall.


High school student Billy Colton (Derek Rydall) is spying on his attractive new neighbor (Shannon Tweed) when he witnesses her being murdered by a man in a robe, and he recognizes the man as his unpopular history teacher Zachary Willard (Allen Garfield). Because he has a history of pranks and conflict with Willard, the police do not believe him. Threatened by Willard and his deranged brother Stanley (Michael J. Pollard), who are cultists and serial murderers, Billy convinces retired investigator Ronald 'Ron' Devereaux (Elliott Gould) to help him find hard evidence.



The movie was briefly released by MGM/UA on 200 screens (none of which were in New York or Los Angeles) and garnered mixed reviews, many of which expressed humorous appreciation for a basement confrontation between Gould's Devereaux and Pollard's Stanley, while others disparaged the sequence as "a badly choreographed fight between a chainsaw wielding Pollard and a shotgun toting Gould that probably read really well in the script, but looks terrible on film."[1] A later reviewer was more favorably disposed: "Combine Rear Window with late 80s Satanic conspiracy theories and this is the result. Not as bad as it sounds, Night Visitor is an unfairly obscure movie about Satanism in suburbia." [2]

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