Night Watch (1928 film)

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Night Watch
Directed by Alexander Korda
Produced by Ned Marin
Written by Lajos Bíró (continuity)
Dwinelle Benthall (titles)
Rufus McCosh (titles)
Based on In the Night Watch
(1921 play) by Michael Morton
Veille d'Armes
(1917 play) by Claude Farrère and Lucien Nepoty
Starring Billie Dove
Paul Lukas
Donald Reed
Nicholas Soussanin
Music by Emil Bierman
Mortimer Wilson
Cinematography Karl Struss
Edited by George McGuire
Distributed by First National Pictures[1]
Release date
  • September 9, 1928 (1928-09-09) (US)
Running time
72 minutes[1]
Country United States
Language Silent
English intertitles)

Night Watch is a 1928 American drama film directed by Alexander Korda and starring Billie Dove, Paul Lukas and Donald Reed. It was an adaptation of the dramatic 1921 play In the Night Watch, written by Michael Morton. The film is set almost entirely on a French warship at the beginning of the First World War.[2] Although largely a silent film Night Watch was the first of Korda's films to feature sound effects and music but no dialogue from Vitaphone.[2][3]


On the night of 1 August 1914, Commander Corlaix of the French Navy and his wife, Yvonne, arrange a shipboard dinner for the officers of his cruiser. Afterward, Lieutenant D'Artelle asks Yvonne to stay on board with him, and when Corlaix (learning by classified wireless that war has been declared) abruptly orders her from the ship, she goes instead with D'Artelle to his cabin. The ship is sunk by a torpedo, and Corlaix is brought before the Admiralty Court on charges of incompetence. Yvonne comes forward to testify and, by compromising herself, proves her husband's adherence to duty. Corlaix, realizing Yvonne's great love for him, forgives her for her indiscretions, and they are reunited.


Preservation status[edit]

A print of Night Watch is preserved at Cineteca Italiana in Milan.[4]


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