Night at the Crossroads

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Night at the Crossroads
Title card from the film
Directed by Jean Renoir
Written by Jean Renoir
Georges Simenon (novel)
Starring Pierre Renoir
Georges Térof
Winna Winifried
Georges Koudria
Cinematography Georges Asselin
Marcel Lucien
Edited by Marguerite Renoir
Distributed by Compagnie Franco Coloniale Cinématographique
Release date
18 April 1932
Running time
75 minutes
Country France
Language French

Night at the Crossroads (French: La Nuit du carrefour) is a 1932 film by Jean Renoir based on the novel of the same title (known in English as Maigret at the Crossroads) by Georges Simenon and starring Renoir's brother Pierre Renoir as Simenon's popular detective, Inspector Maigret.

The French director Jacques Becker, then apprentice to Renoir, worked as assistant director and production manager on the film.

Reputation and influence[edit]

Often cited as being Jean Renoir's least well-known sound film,[1] Night at the Crossroads has nonetheless maintained a very strong critical reputation. In an article republished as part of André Bazin's book on Renoir, the French New Wave critic and filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard described it as being "Renoir's most mysterious film"[2] and "the only great French detective movie--in fact, the greatest of all adventure movies."[2]

At a symposium on the Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr held at Facets Multimedia on September 16, 2007, American film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum mentioned that Tarr's then-new feature, The Man from London (also based on a novel by Georges Simenon), was influenced by Night at the Crossroads.[3]


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