Night of Desirable Objects

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Night of Desirable Objects
Studio album by Snakefinger
Released 1987
Label Ralph Records

Night of Desirable Objects was Snakefinger's fourth and final studio album, recorded with the Vestal Virgins and released by Ralph Records in 1987. It featured a variety of styles including jazz, folk, rock, gospel and polka, and displayed a compositional maturity. Snakefinger suffered a heart attack and died on 1 July 1987 while touring in support of the album, on the same day the album's first single was released: "There's No Justice In Life".

The CD issued by Red Rhino Records, York, UK, as Red CD 78 also includes the tracks It Hurts Me Too; I Love You Too Much to Respect You; and This Is Not A Disco Song. The CD notes credit special thanks to Susan Skaggs, Moris Tapir and a Resident.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Sophia's Playful Pipes
  2. There's No Justice In Life
  3. Bless Me For I Have Sinned
  4. Jesus Gave Me Water
  5. Move
  6. The Golden King
  7. Bad Day In Bombay (Parts I & II)
  8. 814
  9. I Gave Myself To You
  10. Sawney Bean / Sawney's Death Dance