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Studio album by Ludovico Einaudi
Released October 5, 2009
Genre Neoclassical new-age music, Classical
Length 1:07:20
Label Sony Classical
Ludovico Einaudi chronology
In a Time Lapse

Nightbook[1] is an album created by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi and released in 2009. The album saw Einaudi take a new direction with his music as he incorporated synthesized sounds alongside his solo piano playing. A new approach could be seen with tracks such as "Nightbook", and "Lady Labyrinth" where the element of percussion was utilized along the piano, acting as a driving force throughout the song. In Italy the album went Gold with more than 35,000 copies sold. Einaudi describes this album as "A night-time landscape. A garden faintly visible under the dull glow of the night sky. A few stars dotting the darkness above, shadows of the trees all around. Light shining from a window behind me. What I can see is familiar, but it seems alien at the same time. It's like a dream - anything may happen."

The title track "Nightbook" was used in the TV advertisement for the Channel 4 drama "Any Human Heart". The track "Lady Labyrinth" is often used as background music in Top Gear specials.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "In Principio" (2:51)
  2. "Lady Labyrinth" (5:30)
  3. "Nightbook" (5:50)
  4. "Indaco" (5:21)
  5. "The Snow Prelude N. 15" (4:28)
  6. "Eros" (5:36)
  7. "The Crane Dance" (3:05)
  8. "The Snow Prelude N. 2" (4:08)
  9. "The Tower" (4:40)
  10. "Reverie" (4:40)
  11. "Bye Bye Mon Amour" (7:37)
  12. "The Planets" (7:07)
  13. "Solo" (Hidden Track, also known as "Piste Sans Titre 13", which literally means "Untitled Track 13", in the Dutch release) (8:46)
  14. "Berlin Song" (4:31)


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