Nightfall and Other Stories

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First edition, published by Doubleday. Cover art by Amelia S. Edwards.[1]

Nightfall and Other Stories (1969) is an anthology book compiling 20 previously published science fiction short stories by Isaac Asimov. Asimov added a brief introduction to each story, explaining some aspect of the story's history and/or how it came to be written.


In the introduction for the title story, Asimov explained that although pleased by the praise it had received, he disliked "being told, over and over again" that a story he had written at the age of 21 was his best. Asimov hoped that the collection would prove that "sheer practice [had] made me more proficient, technically, with each year". He chose successful stories not included before in any anthologies edited by Asimov himself.[2]



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