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Nighthawk is an unincorporated community on the Similkameen River in Okanogan County, Washington state, USA. It was named for a nearby (and now-closed) mine.[1] Nighthawk is a (mostly former) logging area along Loomis-Oroville Highway west-northwest of Oroville, Washington. Nighthawk also features a 9am-5pm Canada–US border crossing and is located along the Burlington Northern Railroad. The town of Nighthawk used to be a booming mine town at the turn of the century with hotels and had a burlesque house but the population now is about 5 people.

The border crossing is usually known as "the Nighthawk crossing" on the Canadian side, though the official name of the Canadian-side locality is Chopaka.

The Similkameen River a few miles from Nighthawk.


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Coordinates: 48°58′00″N 119°38′31″W / 48.96667°N 119.64194°W / 48.96667; -119.64194