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The Nightingale Baronetcy, of Newport Pond in the County of Essex, is a title in the Baronetage of England. It was created on 1 September 1628 for Thomas Nightingale, High Sheriff of Essex in 1627. The fourth Baronet was a Director of the Honourable East India Company. On his death in 1722 the family estates devolved on his cousin Robert Gascoyne. The title should have passed to Edward Nightingale, son of Geoffrey Nightingale, younger son of the first Baronet. However, it was not until 1797 that a later descendant, Edward Nightingale, managed to establish the succession and became the tenth Baronet.

Manners Ralph Wilmott Nightingale (1871–1956), grandson of Thomas Henry Nightingale, second son of the eleventh Baronet, was a Major-General in the Army. The present baronet, Sir Charles, is a former civil servant.

Nightingale Baronets, of Newport Pond (1628)[edit]



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