Nightmare Busters

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Nightmare Busters
Developer(s)Arcade Zone
Publisher(s)Super Fighter Team
Director(s)A C. Gayraud
J.C. Alessandri
Platform(s)Super Nintendo Entertainment System
ReleaseUnited States Canada December 23, 2013
Genre(s)Action, run and gun
Mode(s)Single-player, Two-player

Nightmare Busters is a run and gun action video game developed by the French company Arcade Zone for the Super Nintendo. Originally planned for a 1995 release by Nichibutsu, the game was cancelled due to financial issues, but its development was resumed by Arcade Zone in the 2010s after fans who played beta cartridges of it called for an official release, which took place on December 23, 2013 by Super Fighter Team.[1][2][3] The game's unusually tardy release, about fourteen years after the Super Nintendo was discontinued in North America, makes it the first official Super Nintendo game after this period.


The game follows the leprechaun twin brothers Flynn (purple) and Floyd (yellow) in their journey to stop the diabolic Tyrant from infiltrating children's dreams and turning them into nightmares.[4]


The game consists of six levels, including a village, a forest, a cave and a castle. The protagonists can attack with playing cards and magic. There is a two-player cooperative mode available.[1] Nightmare Busters' gameplay has been compared to that of Contra III: The Alien Wars.

Other releases[edit]

In 2004, a port of the game for mobile phones called Flynn's Adventure was released.[citation needed]


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