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George Reese (born February 17, 1969) is an author and developer of several open source frameworks. Reese was born in Houston, Texas and attended Bates College where he majored in philosophy. While in college he was program director of the local radio station, WRBC.[citation needed] He was founder and CTO of Enstratius[1] (acquired by Dell) and founder of Valtira Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Reese has produced several books and pieces of software.



MUD contributions[edit]

Beyond the Nightmare and Dead Souls mudlibs, Reese contributed to the MUD community by providing hosting for MUD-related content through the Center for Imaginary Environments at (including the influential webzine Imaginary Realities),[3] as the custodian of the LPMud Timeline[4] and LPMud FAQ,[5] and as the lead developer of Nightmare LPMud. His MUD pseudonym was Descartes of Borg, or simply Descartes, chosen because of his philosophy major in college.[5] In March 2001, Reese withdrew precipitously from the MUD community, citing disillusionment with its adherence to outdated technologies and with the ethics of some of its members, and shut down the Center for Imaginary Environments.


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