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Nightmares was a novel series of young adult horror fiction that began in 1992 and published until 1996, running alongside other well-known young adult horror series such as Point Horror and Fear Street. The series was published by HarperCollins (UK) under their "Lions" imprint, and these books are often listed under either as publisher. Many of these books were published in other formats, either before or after their appearance in this series.


This may not be a complete list, but is expected to be nearly complete.
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-- 1993 --

-- 1994 --

-- 1995 --

-- 1996 --

Omnibus editions[edit]

Several of the books in this series were combined in groups of three as omnibus editions, also released in the "Nightmares" series, with the trademark "Nightmares" logo. Those known to exist are shown below.

Tales from Nightmare Inn (1993, ISBN 0-00-674920-8)
  1. Nightmare Inn (1993) (by T. S. Rue)
  2. Room 13 (1993) (by T. S. Rue)
  3. The Pool (1993) (by T. S. Rue)
3 Tales Of Terror (1994, ISBN 0-00-675011-7)
  1. Class Trip (1993) (by Bebe Faas Rice)
  2. Horrorscope (1992) (by Nicholas Adams)
  3. I.O.U. (1993) (by Nicholas Adams)
3 Books of Blood (1994, ISBN 0-00-675072-9)
  1. The Principal (1994) (by M. C. Sumner)
  2. The Hunger (1994) (by M. C. Sumner)
  3. The Coach (1994) (by M. C. Sumner)
3 Times the Fear (1995, ISBN 0-00-675106-7)
  1. Blood Brothers (1994) (by Nicholas Adams)
  2. Love You To Death (1994) (by Bebe Faas Rice)
  3. Deadly Stranger (1993) (by M. C. Sumner)
Vampire Twins: A Trilogy (1995, ISBN 0-00-675111-3)
  1. Bloodlines (1994) (by Janice Harrell)
  2. Bloodlust (1995) (by Janice Harrell)
  3. Bloodchoice (1995) (by Janice Harrell)
The fourth book in this series, Blood Reunion, was originally published before this trilogy, but was not released as a "Nightmares" edition until after his omnibus was published, and hence is not included in this omnibus. There appears to be no edition containing all four books.
The Year of the Cat (1995, ISBN 0-00-675122-9)
  1. The Dream (1994) (by Zoe Daniels)
  2. The Hunt (1995) (by Zoe Daniels)
  3. The Amulet (1995) (by Zoe Daniels)
Dark Visions Trilogy
  1. The Strange Power (1995) (by Lisa Smith)
  2. The Possessed (1995) (by Lisa Smith)
  3. The Passion (1996) (by Lisa Smith)
There appears to be no version of this trilogy published as part of the "Nightmares" series, but it has been collected by other publishers, specifically:
Dark Visions: The Strange Power (Pocket Books, 1994, ISBN 0-67-187454-3). (Regardless of the title, this is the full trilogy.)
The Dark Visions Collector's Edition (Pocket Books, 1998, ISBN 0-67-102330-6)
Dark Visions: The Strange Power • The Possessed • The Passion (Simon Pulse, 2009, ISBN 978-141698956-1)
Dark Moon Legacy
  1. The Curse (1994) (by Cynthia Blair)
  2. The Trap (1994) (by Cynthia Blair)
  3. The Beast (1994) (by Cynthia Blair)
This trilogy may exist as a combined book, but we have been unable to find any evidence of its existence.

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