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Femforce 38.jpg
Nightveil, as the Blue Bulleteer on the cover of Femforce #38 (1991)
Publication information
PublisherAC Comics
First appearance(as Nightfall) Bill Black's Fun Comics #4 (March 1983)
(as Nightveil) Nightveil #1 (1984)
Created byBenjamin Smith
In-story information
Alter egoLaura Wright
Team affiliationsFemforce
Notable aliasesPhantom Lady, Nightfall, Blue Bulleteer
AbilitiesMystical powers

Nightveil is a fictional character, a superheroine who appears in the Femforce comic book, published by AC Comics. An adaptation of the Golden Age superhero Phantom Lady, she has also been known as Blue Bulleteer and Nightfall. Her secret identity is Laura Wright, daughter of a member of the United States Senate.

Publication history[edit]

Nightveil (in her Blue Bulleteer identity) is an adaptation of the Golden Age superhero Phantom Lady.[1] AC believed that the copyrights to the original character and stories had lapsed and were now in the public domain, but DC Comics asserted that it owned the rights to the character. AC declined to challenge the larger publisher.[2]

In her appearance in Bill Black's Fun Comics #3 (1982) she was referred to as Phantom Lady, but in the next issue (March 1983) she was called Nightfall.


Originally, Laura had no super powers, but fought evil as the Blue Bulleteer, a caped-and-masked markswoman. After a near-fatal injury, she was rescued by the great wizard Azagoth who gave her mystical powers[3] (including the ability to become a giantess). From then onwards she became Nightveil, a being of almost limitless power who combats supernatural villains like The Shroud and the Great God Capricorn. Her nemesis is beautiful but evil Alizarin Crimson. Nightveil is sometimes referred to as the Mystic Maid.

Live appearances[edit]

In live appearances, Nightveil is played by Mary Capps[4]. Capps made appearances at conventions as Nightveil until 2007, her last appearance being at Visioncon in Springfield, Missouri. It was at this point that Visioncon declined to re-invite her because of lack of fan interest. She has said, however, that even if she had been invited, she would not have been able to make the trip from Texas.


In 2005, AC Comics released the low-budget live-action movie Nightveil: Witch War.[5] It starred Mary Capps in the title role.[5] Her husband, Chuck Capps, played a jewel thief, with Maria Paris as Nightveil's nemesis, Alzarin Crimson/Lenore Stratten.


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