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Map NL - Loenen - Nigtevegt.svg
Coordinates: 52°16′27″N 5°1′40″E / 52.27417°N 5.02778°E / 52.27417; 5.02778Coordinates: 52°16′27″N 5°1′40″E / 52.27417°N 5.02778°E / 52.27417; 5.02778
Country Netherlands
Province Utrecht
Municipality Stichtse Vecht
Population (2004) 1,450

Nigtevecht (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈnɪxtəˌvɛxt]; 52°16′N 5°2′E / 52.267°N 5.033°E / 52.267; 5.033) is a village in the Dutch province of Utrecht. It was part of the former municipality of Loenen. Since 2011 it has been part of the newly formed municipality of Stichtse Vecht. It is situated about 9 km (5.6 mi) west of Bussum along the River Vecht in an area called the "Vechtstreek".

In 2001 the village of Nigtevecht had 1284 inhabitants. The built-up area of the town was 0.21 km² (0.081 sq mi) and contained 506 residences.[1]

Between 1818 and 1989 Nigtevecht was a separate municipality, sometimes called "Nigtevecht en Hinderdam".[2]


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