Nihad Nadam

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Nihad Nadam
نهاد ندم
EducationMultimedia and Design from American University of Sharjah
OccupationDigital Artist, Contemporary artist

Nihad Nadam (Arabic نهاد ندم ; born 1977) is a Syrian digital artist based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nihad Nadam was born in Damascus in 1977. It was during his youth, immersed in the ancient culture and heritage of his homeland, that he developed a passion for Arabic culture and Arabic calligraphy. He studied fine art at the Adham Ismael Institute of Fine Art in Damascus and multimedia design at the American University of Sharjah in the UAE. He has been based in Dubai since 1999.


Nihad Nadam is a professional creative strategist.[1] He is also one of the first Arabic digital calligraphers. He began The Name Project in 2010 with an aim to show people all over the world how beautiful Arabic calligraphy is.[2] He did this by translating international names into Arabic calligraphy typography free of charge for four years.[3][4] He was also among the team of experts who used their passion for design and creativity to develop eMashq- the word's first Arabic calligraphy web application.[5] Nihad has been invited to exhibit his work[6] and facilitate workshops and lecture at art centers[7][8] and universities across the Middle East, and has also been invited to judge in competitions.[9] He is a member of several art communities and communication platforms that aim at preserving Arabic calligraphy and typography heritage through the use of creative technology. As a widely acknowledged authority on calligraphy, Nihad has spoken at many international events and has participated in over 15 regional exhibitions on Arabic calligraphy and art. He has also contributed his calligraphy exhibition of proverbs in buffet of the event called "The Heritage Of Popular Expressions: from another language" in December 2015.[10] He has contributed his designing calligraphy for all Arabic books in the Library of Arabic Literature.[11]


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