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The Nihil Pop Organization is a counter-cultural organization, born in the late 1970s, probably in New York or Boston, and that evolved to a terrorist group in the early 90's. It was connected to the local industrial scene and was quickly joined by past members from several anarchist organizations. But the NPO always claimed to be "apolitical", in the sense that it's open to left-wing and right-wing extremists, atheists and religious people - the only criteria for becoming a member being the will to "destroy the system".

The Nihil Pop Organization published several fanzines and organized meetings and conferences in most of the biggest American cities. It also organized a great number of gigs, conferences, art exhibitions, meetings. The NPO members elaborated a propaganda especially destined to the youth (teenagers and students).

The Nihil Pop Organization proclaimed its own dissolution in 2004; but there are still sections in the United States, France and Italy. The French section took the name of the NPO to baptize their own netlabel, inspired by the NPO's spirit. The Italian section is more political and its members usually belong to the neo-fascist movements.


The Nihil Pop Organization 's aim was promoting nihilism through pop culture. Instead of centring on the underground and countercultural scene, the NPO's members and activists were interested in addressing to "normal people" and detecting how nihilism works when used as a mass entertainment weapon - the movie Fight Club, for instance, was for the NPO the perfect example of "popular nihilism". Indeed, the kind of "fascist" / anarchist group shown in the movie, was largely inspired of the 1980s and 1990s American underground organizations such as the Nihil Pop Organization or the Cacophony Society.