Nihondaira Observatory

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Nihondaira Observatory
Observatory code 385
Location Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan.
Coordinates 34°58′13″N 138°28′05″E / 34.97028°N 138.46806°E / 34.97028; 138.46806Coordinates: 34°58′13″N 138°28′05″E / 34.97028°N 138.46806°E / 34.97028; 138.46806
Nihondaira Observatory is located in Japan
Nihondaira Observatory
Location of Nihondaira Observatory
Nihondaira is located in Japan
Nihondaira's location

Nihondaira Observatory (Oohira Station) is an astronomical observatory that is located on a hill overlooking Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan.[1] It has been the source for numerous minor planet discoveries by Takeshi Urata.[1]

In 2007, the observatory was ranked 43rd in the number of asteroids discovered, with a total of 163, but has since lost its ranking, as the top 50 discovery sites have all discovered more than 400 bodies as of 2016.[2] The International Astronomical Union's code for the observatory is 385.[3] The asteroid 2880 Nihondaira, discovered by astronomer Tsutomu Seki, is named for this observatory.[1] It is often called by its location, Shizuoka.

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