Nihondaira Observatory

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Nihondaira Observatory
Code 385
Location Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan.
Coordinates 34°58′13″N 138°28′05″E / 34.97028°N 138.46806°E / 34.97028; 138.46806Coordinates: 34°58′13″N 138°28′05″E / 34.97028°N 138.46806°E / 34.97028; 138.46806
Nihondaira is located in Japan
Nihondaira's location

Nihondaira Observatory (Oohira) is an astronomical observatory that is located on a hill overlooking Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan.[1] It has been the source for numerous minor planet discoveries by Takeshi Urata.[1] In 2007, the observatory was ranked 43rd in the number of asteroids discovered, with a total of 163, but has since lost its ranking, as the top 50 discovery sites have all discovered more than 400 bodies as of 2016.[2] The International Astronomical Union's code for the observatory is 385.[3] The asteroid 2880 Nihondaira, discovered by astronomer Tsutomu Seki, is named for this observatory.[1] It is often called by its location, Shizuoka.

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