Denka Big Swan Stadium

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Denka Big Swan Stadium
Niigata Stadium, Big Swan
Full name Denka Big Swan Stadium
Former names Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium (2007–2013)
Location Niigata City, Japan
Coordinates 37°52′57.41″N 139°03′33.01″E / 37.8826139°N 139.0591694°E / 37.8826139; 139.0591694Coordinates: 37°52′57.41″N 139°03′33.01″E / 37.8826139°N 139.0591694°E / 37.8826139; 139.0591694
Owner Niigata Prefecture
Operator Albirex Niigata
Capacity 42,300
Record attendance 42,223 (Albirex Niigata vs Omiya Ardija, 23 November 2003)
Field size 107 x 72 m
Surface Grass
Broke ground November 1997
Opened April 29, 2001
Albirex Niigata (2001–present)

The Niigata Stadium (新潟スタジアム, Niigata Sutajiamu), also nicknamed the Big Swan (ビッグスワン, Biggu Suwan), is a multi-purpose stadium in Niigata City, Japan. It is the home ground of J. League club Albirex Niigata and was one of the 20 stadia used in the 2002 FIFA World Cup, hosting three matches. Through a sponsorship deal the stadium is officially named Denka Big Swan Stadium (デンカビッグスワンスタジアム, Denka Biggu Suwan Sutajiamu), and has previously been called the Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium for similar reason.

The stadium's capacity is 42,300. The highest recorded attendance at the stadium was Albirex Niigata's home fixture against Omiya Ardija on 23 November 2003, the final day of the 2003 J. League Division 2, with 42,223 fans attending.[1]

Naming history[edit]

In 2007, Tohoku Electric Power bought the naming rights to the Niigata Stadium for ¥120 million/year, retitling the stadium as the "Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium".[2] In September 2013, Denki Kagaku Kogyo (Denka) bought the naming rights for ¥70 million/year, and the stadium was rebranded as the "Denka Big Swan Stadium" in a 3-year deal.[3][4]


The stadium also sometimes hosts rugby union Top League games and on May 18, 2008 Japan played Hong Kong here in the 2008 Asian Five Nations.

Rugby League[edit]

2002 FIFA World Cup[edit]

Niigata Stadium hosted 3 matches in the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Date Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round
2002-06-01  Republic of Ireland 1-1  Cameroon Group E
2002-06-03  Croatia 0-1  Mexico Group G
2002-06-15  Denmark 0-3  England Round of 16

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