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Genre Family Drama
Format Soap opera
Created by Rajarethinam Tamilmaran and Abbas Akbar
Starring Arvind Naidu
Bharathi Rani
Bachan Kaur
Country of origin  Singapore
Original language(s) Tamil
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 40
Location(s) Singapore
Original channel Vasantham Central
Original airing November 21, 2010
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Nijangal[1] (English: Truths) is a Singaporean Tamil language, 40-part Family Drama on Vasantham Central. The series were on air from 21 November 2011.[2]


  • Akhil

Young, talented and ambitious, Akhil has emerged from his adolescent problems as a winner and a survivor. He overcame all obstacles and even death to realise his dreams of being a successful dancer and a choreographer. Now he has the support and love of his family, but dreams do not last forever and he is about to realise that.

  • Raj & Devi

Life is never without battles and Raj's family learns this the hard way. Raj and Devi, they appear to be the perfect couple, but there are secrets between them. Previously, Devi found out about Raj's extra-marital affair, which begot him Madhu, the adopted daughter she brought up as her own. After a year of separation, Devi found it in her heart to forgive Raj and to continue living with him. Now, Raj is happy and is determined to make it up to Devi for as long as they live.

  • Hari & Yamuna

Hari and Yamuna, they fell in love with each other, got married and settled down. Life seems made for them, but it is far from that.Yamuna forgave Hari for his illicit affair with her best friend - Lalitha. In a twisted turn of events, Lalitha was killed by her boyfriend, Deepak. After much deliberation, Yamuna was willing to work things out and start a family with Hari.They have an adorable daughter now, whom everyone dotes on. It seems like the worst of their problems are over. But trust, they say, is irreparable once broken.

  • Madhu

Madhu is on her way to realising her dreams of becoming a doctor. She is in her third year of medicine and is a fully dedicated student. She went through emotional times in her teen years, having discovered that she's the lovechild of her father's affair. The emotional toll on her was so great that she lost her placing as a top student and her focus. Madhu is now much stronger and focused than ever. But life is never without battles. Madhu is about to face another.


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