Nijmegen Helmet

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Nijmegen Helmet
Het Valkhof - Gesichtshelm eines Reiters.jpg
Material Bronze, brass, iron
Created Ancient Rome
Present location Valkhof museum, Netherlands

The Nijmegen Helmet is an Ancient Roman helmet, found in a gravel bed on the left bank of Waal river, near the Dutch city of Nijmegen in 1915. The helmet would have been worn by the elite Roman cavalry.[1] The head portion of the helmet is made of iron, while the mask and diadem are of bronze or brass. The helmet has a neck-protecting projecting rim, overlaid with a thin bronze covering plated with silver.[2] The diadem features two male and three female figures.

The helmet sustained oxidisation.[2] Several other Roman sports helmets have also been found in or near Nijmegen.[3]


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