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Nikša Bratoš (born on 17 August 1959 in Travnik) is a Bosnian musician who gained fame in former Yugoslavia. He is known for having played in bands Valentino and Crvena jabuka. He has worked on songs for a variety of Croatian pop artists.[1]


Bratoš was born in 1959, and graduated from the University of Electronics in Sarajevo in 1985. He played guitar and sang backup vocals in Valentino before transitioning into Crvena jabuka.

Bratoš first worked with Crvena jabuka as a producer. He was recruited to produce 1988's Sanjati, and then every subsequent album. Bratoš was later recruited as a member of the band. He is known for having played many different instruments. Generally he played rhythm guitar, but periodically harmonica, saxophone, mandolin, melodika, clarinet, and woodwinds and sometimes keyboards, synthesizers and singing backup vocals. Bratoš was able to add horn arrangements as well as other string instruments which the band became known for in the 1990s.

In 1990 Bratoš moved to Zagreb where he continued to be involved in music as a guitarist, producer, and keyboard player. In 1994 he became an official member of Crvena jabuka and since then has performed at all of their concerts and their albums. He was also responsible for the production and programming on each album.

He arranged the song "Metak sa posvetom" for Lepa Brena's 2011 album Začarani krug.


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