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Nik Szymanek
Nik Szymanek.jpg
Nik Szymanek presenting at the National Astronomy Meeting 2012
Nationality British

Nicholas Szymanek, better known as Nik Szymanek, is a British amateur astronomer and prolific astrophotographer, based in Essex, England. He is known for his deep sky CCD images and his contributions to education and public outreach.

He collaborates with professional astronomers and works with big telescopes located at La Palma in the Canary Islands, and at the Hawaii Islands.

His imaging and image-processing abilities brought him the Amateur Achievement Award of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in 2004. He publishes his pictures in astronomical magazines and has written a book on astrophotography called Infinity Rising.



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Preceded by
Kyle E. Smalley
Amateur Achievement Award of Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Succeeded by
Tim Hunter