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Nik Thakkar
Photo Courtesy of Nik Thakkar
NEO 10Y in 2015
Born (1983-11-24) 24 November 1983 (age 35)
Known forContemporary Art, Contemporary Music, Fashion
AwardsGenArt Prize 2015 at New York Fashion Week, Time Out Magazine's Top 100 Creatives

Nik Thakkar (born November 24, 1983) is a London-born multi-M7620450028249 artist working under the stage name NEO 10Y.

Education and early career[edit]

Nik Thakkar was born and raised in London, where he was classically trained in piano and vocals.[1] He studied Law and French at Cardiff University.[2]

In 2013, he was scouted in Paris by Jean-Paul Gaultier for the eponymous label’s AW13-14 digital campaign,[3] did the Art of Packing project for Louis Vuitton,[4] and filmed a short film called An Ode to Oud for Tom Ford.[5]

2013 - 2016: Art and fashion[edit]

Thakkar teamed up with London-based designer Ada Zanditon in 2013 to create Ada + Nik, a luxury menswear line featured in London Menswear Collections for five consecutive seasons.[6][7] They designed five collections with a typically dark silhouette and had runway shows at London and New York Fashion Weeks.[8]

Rapper Angel Haze and comedian Jack Whitehall wore the line, which was praised for making wearable technology aesthetically pleasing.[9] Thakkar was described as “the pop couture poster boy.”[1] He served as a judge for WSGN's Global Fashion Awards and the Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards in 2013.[10][11]

Ada + Nik collaborated with to create the world’s first camera enabled biker jacket.[12]

2016 to present: NEO 10Y[edit]

For his stage name NEO 10Y, Thakkar combined neoteny as a positive force and the significance of number 10 as "rebirth and revolution".[13] He first used it for the dark electronic track he anonymously published in June 2016, hinting at his association with the hacktivist group Anonymous.[14][15] The song would debut as Amerikkka at a Tom Ford party.[13]

In October 2016, NEO 10Y released "NEO 10Y vs. NIHIL: The Kid That Killed Trump," a three-part music video for his tracks Amerikkka, Janis and Wild West. It caused controversy by using live sex and burning a mask of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. The artist subsequently received hate mail and FBI reports.[13][16] NEO 10Y’s work has been described as "lyrical political activism".[17]

On 10 October 2018, NEO 10Y released dual release of Dopamine and Poems To Fuck To along with two interconnected videos where they show the artist dragging himself into the future as a symbol for humanity’s urgent need to evolve to save the planet.[18]

When discussing the meaning of his artist name further, NEO 10Y says “the one and zero in my name is rooted in the fact that ten is the only number where both parts of the binary code are cohesively together demonstrating a sense of togetherness, which is integral to my voice, non-binary nature and artistry. The ultimate balance. Complete. Also, my Sanskrit name is Nikhil which means "complete".[19]

Musical style and influences[edit]

NEO 10Y presented his Amerikkka as "electronic aggression" comparable to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher.[20] Thakkar listed Grace Jones, Elliott Smith, Bob Marley and Zaha Hadid as inspirations for his art.[13]

He also cites Britney, Kurt Cobain, Aaliyah and 2Pac as influences.[21]


In 2015, Thakkar teamed up with All Boxed Up to raise funds to support the Albert Kennedy Trust for homeless LGBTQ youth.[22]

Thakkar attended an anti-Donald Trump Rally in London dressed in his NEO 10Y Mickey Mouse character and saged the face of the US president as an action of world peace.[23]

In 2018, Nik was part of a controversial set of episodes for BBC3’s ‘Britain’s Most Offended’ TV show as a vegan activist.[24]

In 2018 with the release of NEO 10Y single Dopamine, Nik's agenda for world peace was made more clear in this Gay Times article where he said, “For us to choose love, those of us with voices need to use them to speak up, otherwise there is no point in us having platforms.”[25] Also discussing world peace in Billboard he commented on the song Dopamine "the bridge of the song explains this clearly with, "I am full of hope and all I'm longing for is peace/ So please give me that my friend" is the idea of finding peace within oneself, so that we can find peace as a planet, for humanity overall.[26]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Thakkar won the GenArt Prize together with Ada Zanditon at New York Fashion Week in 2015.[27]

He was included among the one hundred most original and influential people in the UK creative and media industries by Time Out Magazine in 2012[28] and was voted one of the top-five most eligible bachelors of 2017 by the readers of Out Magazine.[29]


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