Nikah (film)

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Nikah (film)
Nikah film.JPG
Directed by Sangeeta[1]
Produced by Shehzad Rafiq
Starring Shaan Shahid
Reema Khan
Music by Robin Ghosh
M. Arshad
Film song lyrics by: Riaz ur Rehman Saghar[2]
Saeed Gillani
Release date
June 5, 1998[2][1]
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Nikah is a 1998 Pakistani film and a remake of the 1977 film Aina. The once-again presence of onscreen pair Reema Khan and Shaan Shahid after nearly five years, raised viewers' expectations and made it a much awaited movie of the 1990s.reema gave best performance according to critics and got best actress award at nigar film awards.Reema was considered as the number one actress from 1990 to 2000 in lollywood because of her superhit films and popularity from more than any other actress in 90s.But critics of cinema considered her as icon of beauty , best dancer and average actress till 98.Her acting talent proved in 98 in sangeeta nikah and syed noor zewar.she got every best actress award of Pakistan for her performance in nikah.This film was considered as classic in cinema of 90s of lollywood.This film was also presented in china,india ,srilanka film festivals [1]


The story is about two different social classes; Shaan belongs to a middle-class family with great traditional values and Reema is from a rich family. The film portrayed the difficulties of a rich girl adjusting to the life of a middle-class family.


The film was released in 1998. The film was a huge success, and celebrated its Platinum Jubilee at the Pakistani cinemas.[2]


The film resulted in raising standards for the film director Sangeeta, who claims only way she will continue to make quality family films, is the success of them.



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