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Nike Blazers
InventorNike, Inc.
Inception1973; 49 years ago (1973) [1]

The Nike Blazer was only the third shoe released under the newly named sports brand "Nike" in 1973,[2] originally developed as a basketball shoe.[1]


This sneaker was originally worn by NBA star George "The Iceman" Gervin. This exposed NBA fans to the Nike brand for the first time.[2] The brand, based in Beaverton, Oregon, gave the shoe the name “Blazer” after its regional NBA team the Portland Trail Blazers.[3] The original shoe was made out of three main components, the upper portion of the shoe was made up of leather, the tongue was made up of nylon and the midsole consisted of rubber just like most sneakers use today.[4][5] At this point in time, other sneaker giants were also breaking into the NBA with their own basketball sneakers and basketball stars to market them such as Julius Erving with Converse and Walt Frazier with Puma. This meant that Nike had competition in this field.[6] The young company had only been around for nine years when introducing the Blazer, starting as Blue Ribbon Sports and, in 1971, taking on the name Nike and it's well-known Swoosh logo.[3] Nevertheless, Nike was well prepared to compete with the other industry giants and that could be attributed to the fact that the Nike Blazer possessed the best technology for basketball shoes at the time.[4] The Nike Blazer is still available in the sneaker market in a low and mid-top.

Nike SB[edit]

In 2005, the Nike spokesperson Lance Mountain released the Nike Blazer SB which was a design with new features such as a padded collar and insoles where Nike implemented their Zoom Air technology to accommodate skaters. The first Nike Blazer SB, released in May, carried a very dark look with an all black suede upper and a black mid-sole that was made thicker than what the original basketball shoe had. The swoosh and laces were a baroque brown which completed the first SB version of the Blazer.[7] Therefore, although the Nike Blazer was originally created for the sport of basketball, since then it became a part of the Nike SB (Skateboarding) sub brand and is currently marketed towards the skateboarding community.[8]


The Nike Blazer has remained relevant in today's sneaker culture, not only for skaters but also for everyday casual sneaker users. This could be directly attributed to the numerous collaborations Nike has done with other clothing brands to create new Blazer colorways.   

Nike Blazer x Off-White[edit]

Off-White is an American luxury fashion brand founded in 2012.

In September 2017, the first collaboration happened between the two and "The Ten" Nike Blazer came to be. This shoe has a white upper with an white/tan mid-sole all brought together by the black Nike Swoosh.[9]

In September 2018, Nike not only teamed up with Off-White again but also with Tennis superstar Serena Williams to create the "Queen". This shoe is the most colorful of all the shoes thus far, with a wolf grey upper while the heel and tongue are white. This shoe's mid-sole is pink and purple with a fade effect and a black swoosh.[10]

In October 2018, Nike and Off-white teamed up to create two Nike Blazers. The "All Hollows Eve" consists of a pale vanilla upper while the swoosh is in bright yellow-orange.[11] The "Grim Reapers" consist of an 'clone black' while the mid-sole and upper toe is black, this shoe features orange accents in order to give it that classic Nike look.[11]

Nike Blazer x Sacai[edit]

Sacai is a Japanese luxury brand founded in 1999.

In May 2019, the two brands collaborated on the "Black Blue" which features most black upper while the eye-stays of the shoe is a university blue.[5] It also features a university blue swoosh hidden behind a white swoosh.[12]

In addition to the "Black Blue", Sacai and Nike released the "Maize Navy" colorway in May 2019. This would be their most abstract colorway thus far, it's made up of a yellow upper with a white toe. It also features a varsity red swoosh with a navy blue swoosh hidden behind it.[12]

In October 2019, the two brands released the "White Grey" colorway of the Nike Blazer. This shoe is made up of an all white upper including the swoosh with small underlying wolf grey features such as the swoosh hidden behind the swoosh.[13]

Also in October 2019, the "Black Grey" colorway was released. The shoe is made up of an all black leather upper featuring a black swoosh which is accented by a grey swoosh that is hidden behind. The toe is grey while the mid-sole and laces are white.[14]

Overall, the four sneakers share an abstract look that suits Sacai's brand.

Nike Blazer x Stranger Things[edit]

Stranger Things is an American Netflix web series that was released during the Summer of 2016.

In June 2019, the Netflix hit teamed up with Nike to create the "Hawkins High" colorway of the Nike Blazer, this was a part of a three-sneaker collection which included the Nike Cortez and Tailwind. This sneaker has a very retro look which suits the show's story line. It features an all white leather upper with a bright orange swoosh, the laces and mid-sole are also white and the entire shoe is highlighted by green accents on the tongue and heel.[15]

In July 2019, the two came together once again to release another three-sneaker collection, this one featured the "OG Collection" Nike Blazer. This sneaker is an eye-catching one with its all royal blue suede upper that is accented by a white leather swoosh that complements the white mid-sole and heel.[16]

The most recent three-sneaker collection came in August 2019 which includes the "Upside Down" Blazer. This sneaker is made up of a light tan mesh/canvas upper, it features a swoosh of the same color and material, making it hard to notice from afar. The shoe does feature a white mid-sole to match alongside the white laces.[17]

Nike Blazer x Stussy[edit]

Stussy is an American clothing brand founded in the 1980s.

In 2002 the two teamed up to create a unique sneaker that fits both brands' aesthetic feel. Two different colorways were released, one came in a navy blue with a pink Nike swoosh while the other was a wolf grey with an emerald green swoosh.[18]

In 2008, the two companies once again teamed up to release three new colorways of the Nike Blazer as a part of Stussy's Neighborhood Boneyard collection. This particular version of the Blazer featured a checkerboard on the upper portion of the shoe which came in blue, red and white versions.[18]

Nike Blazer x Supreme[edit]

Supreme is an American skateboard shop and clothing brand that is very prominent in urban culture.

In April 2006, Nike and Supreme teamed up to create and release three different colorways of the Nike Blazer SB as the Blazer was being transformed into a skateboarding shoe.

The "Varsity Red" features an all red leather upper with quilted stitching all around. The black laces are complemented by a swoosh that is made up of a silver snake like pattern. It also features a while mid-sole and white Nike logo on the heel.[19]

The "Sail" colorways also features the quilted stitching on the upper but is made up of all white leather which is supplemented by white laces. The swoosh is made up of the same snake-like pattern. Overall, a very a much more subtle sneaker than the "Varsity Red".[19]

The "Black" colorway just as the previous two sneakers, features the quilted stitching. The upper is made up of an all black leather upper with black shoelaces. While the mid-sole is white giving the sneaker some contrast. The swoosh is made up of the same snake-like pattern.[19]


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