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Nike Doggart is a conservationist,[1] environmental activist, and writer.[2]

Doggart, MA, MSc, was educated at Christ Church, Oxford and at University College, London. Doggart began her career as a marine conservationist in Belize. Her research work in the forests of Tanzania has yielded the discovery of various new species, including a frog from the Eastern Arc Mountains which is named after her -- Arthroleptis nikeae [3] [4]

Doggart is an advisor to the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group.[5] She has successfully lobbied the Tanzanian government to conserve water and forestry resources, and to promote environmentally sustainable forms of economic development. One of the most innovative and successful programs that she has promoted is the introduction of sustainable butterfly farming for women living adjacent to the Amani Nature Reserve.[5][6][7]

Doggart was a presenter and advisor on the BBC's Villages on the Front Line, broadcast in 2006.[8] She is the Editor of The Arc Journal.[9] She has two children, Amani and Olivia.