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Nike ONE
2022 Nike ONE
Production 2022[1]
Designer Phil Frank
Body and chassis
Class Video Game Fictional Hypothetical performance concept car Advertisement
Body style 1-door sports car
Layout Front engine, four-wheel drive
Engine Fictional HEP Drive (Human Energy Potential) engine with an (Arbitrary, Fictional) 259 bhp (193 kW) rating
Transmission 8-gear automatic transmission
Length 3,295 mm (130 in)
Curb weight 760 kg (1,676 lb)

The Nike ONE is a playable vehicle in Gran Turismo 4 for the Sony PlayStation 2. The design was developed by the athletic wear company Nike and Polyphony Digital in order to place the brand "Nike" within the gaming product.

In the video game, this vehicle resembles a "Sci-Fi" buggy with a maximum speed of 230 miles per hour (370 km/h) and an eight-gear automatic transmission.[2] However, the top speed of 230 miles per hour can only be achieved by drivers in their physical peak (those who exercise between 60 minutes and 120 minutes per day).[2] The fictional timeline of this vehicle would see its origins in the year 2022 with the invention of a wearable generator by the Nike Sport Research Lab.[3]

In the Gran Turismo 4 game, no fuel bar is shown when the player is driving the Nike ONE vehicle, and when tested on tracks like test course it could only reach 258 Km/h on the straight.


The Nike ONE concept car was designed by Phil Frank, Head of Principal Phil Frank Design, LLC.[1] After earning their fame by creating the design for the Saleen S7, the small design team was approached to design the vehicle as part of the GT4/Nike collaboration.

This joint effort to design a "perfectly athletic" vehicle came as a surprise to Polyphony Digital's press conference attendees when company president, Kazunori Yamauchi announced the decision for the product-in-game placement. Also at the ceremony was Nike co-president Mark Parker as well as two of the Nike ONE designers, Phil Frank and Takuya Asano.

The design is a swooping roof bearing the Nike Swoosh logo covering one bucket seat that's designed to accommodate a stretched-out driving posture, rather like a motorcyclist's. The minimalist design is inspired by Nike founder Bill Bowerman's principles of less is more.

In-Game Description[edit]

The in-game car utilizes fictional technology in addition to Nike technology that exists in their current (Shoe-based) products. The vehicle features various forms of heads-up displays.

The car is controlled by a series of non-invasive bioports on the driver's hands and is transceived in the vehicle's central processing unit. Nike says that the vehicle "contributes to the overall feeling of connectivity."

The Nike ONE's drive is described as the HEP Drive (Human Energy Potential), which utilizes the energy collected by a Nike "Spark Suit" and "stores it in batteries in the footwear of the driver". This bio-electricity is then used to power the electric hub-less micromotors located in the wheels of the Nike ONE.


Another fictional concept from Nike will feature in Gran Turismo 6 as part of the "Vision Gran Turismo" project, known as the "Nike TWO Vision Gran Turismo".[4]


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