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The Nike Terminator high-top was introduced in 1985, and was distinguished from the similar Nike Dunk by its unusual logo—NIKE in large letters across the heel of the shoe. The Terminator also featured a lace loop on the heel to facilitate wrapping the laces around the shoe; this and the logo were styles shared by other basketball shoes of the time—see the Reebok BB5600 for another example of a shoe with a prominent heel logo.


Colorways included white with brown, yellow, orange trim and white with gray trim.

The Vintage Terminator "Georgetown"[1] and "Michigan"[2] and "St. John's"[3] featured the team color's of the NCAA basketball teams. Some were even specifically made for the Georgetown fan market with "Hoyas" on the heel instead of "Nike".

The Terminator High Supreme "Thrash Metal Pack"[4] was a special edition in a black and gold colorway.