Niki Karimi

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Niki Karimi
نیکی کریمی
Niki Karimi01.jpg
Born Niki Karimi
(1971-11-10) 10 November 1971 (age 43)[1]
Tehran, Iran
Residence Tehran, Iran
London, United Kingdom
Nationality Iranian
Citizenship Iranian
Occupation Actress, director, screenwriter
Years active 1989–present
Height 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)

Niki Karimi (Persian: نیکی کریمی‎) (born November 10, 1971 in Tehran) is an Iranian actress, director, and screenwriter.[2]


Niki Karimi and Sean Penn.

Niki Karimi was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She has been active in theater since elementary school, and has said that her early interest in film and literature inspired her to become an actress. She started her professional career when actor Jamshid Gorgin discovered her in a school play.

In 1990, she was cast as a young bride in Behrooz Afkhami's hit film (The Bride (1991 film)|The Bride). It proved to be a breakthrough role.

Following this part, she worked with many Iranian film makers such as Dariush Mehrjui, Masoud Kimiai and ...

Niki has won many awards nationally and internationally such as San Sebastian film festival award for best actress.[3] She has also recently been on the jury for renowned film festivals, including The Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Locarno International Film Festival and Thessaloniki International Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival and also the 60th Cannes Film Festival.

Expanding on her career as an actor, she wrote and directed the documentary To Have or Not to Have (2001).

In 2001, she won her first award as a director in Iran's Rain film festival for her work To Have or Not to Have, which was produced by renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami.[4]

Nominated at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival for her feature film directorial debut One Night (2005), she said that acting no longer satisfies her and she would like to direct more movies.[5]

In addition to film, Karimi has also done some translating work. In 1999 she released her first translation work, Marlon Brando's biography Songs My Mother Taught Me, which she translated from English to Persian.

Her third film as director, 'Final whistle' (2011), won three awards at The Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema in Vesoul, France.

She has been nominated for best actress award in fajr film festival in 2011 for 'I Am His Wife' (2011), directed by 'Mostafa Shaysteh'.


As director[edit]

Year Title Notes
2014 Shift-e Shab
2011 Final Whistle' three awards at Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema [1]
2006 A Few Days Later Script won the Rotterdam festivals Hubert Bals Fund
2005 One Night Screened at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival[6]
2001 To Have or Not to Have

As an actress[edit]

Year Title Director Awards
2015 Laleh (Drive)
2014 I'm his wife
2007 Three Women Manijeh Hekmat
2007 two Women Siroos Alvand
2006 A Few Days Later... Niki Karimi
2002 The Fifth Reaction Tahmineh Milani Best Actress in Fajr Film Festival (2002)
2002 Gone with the Wind Sadra Abdollahi
2001 One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest Ahmad Reza Motamedi Best Actress in Fajr Film Festival (2002)
2000 The Hidden Half Tahmineh Milani Best Actress in Cairo Film Festival (2001)
1999 Thousand woman like me Reza Karimi
1999 The Burned Generation Rassoul Molagholipour
1998 The Waiting Girls Rahman Rezai
1998 The Apple of Eve Saiid Asadi
1998 The Actor]] Mohammad Ali Sadjadi
1998 Two Women Tahmineh Milani Best Actress in Taormina Film Fest (1999)
1997 Takhti Behrooz Afkhami
1997 Pshyco Dariush Farhang
1995 Minoo's Tower Ebrahim Hatamikia
1995 Shadow-by-Shadow Ali Jakan
1994 The Scent of Joseph's Shirt Ebrahim Hatamikia
1993 Pari Darioush Mehrjouii
1992 Sara Darioush Mehrjouii Best Actress in San Sebastian film festival (1995),

Best Actress in Nantes Film Festival (1995)

1991 The Footsteps of the Wolf Massoud Kimiaii
1990 The Bride Behrooz Afkhami
1989 Temptation Jamshid Heydari

As a screen writer[edit]

Year Title
2005 Escape
2001 Auto stop
2000 To Have or Not to Have

As a translator[edit]

Year Title
2005 Intimacy by Hanif Kureishi
1999 Songs My Mother Taught Me by Marlon Brando, Robert Lindsey

As a film critic[edit]

2012 Member of Jury at Abu Dhabi Film Festival
2011 Member of Jury at International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
2009 Member of Jury at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
2008 Member of Jury at Dubai International Film Festival
2007 Member of Jury at Berlin Film Festival
2007 Member of Jury at Cannes Film Festival
2007 Member of Jury at Durban International Film Festival
2006 Head of Jury at Reykjavik International Film Festival
2005 Member of Jury at Locarno International Film Festival
2005 Member of Jury at Thessaloniki Film Festival


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