Niki Linardou

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Niki Linardou
Androniki Koula

June 1939
DiedSeptember 25, 2012(2012-09-25) (aged 73)
Other namesMpempi Koula
OccupationActress - television producer
Years active1955 - 1999

Niki Linardou (Greek: Νίκη Λινάρδου, June 1939 – September 25, 2012) was a Greek film and stage actress. She was the second wife of Alekos Sakellarios. After their marriage she worked as a television producer. As an actress appeared in many famous Greek films: The Fortune Teller (1956), We Have Only One Life (1958), The Policeman of the 16th Precinct (1959), A Matter of Earnestness (1965) and Kalos ilthe to dollario (1967). Her real name was Androniki "Mpempi" Koula" which she was used since 1962.

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