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Nikita (Russian: Никита [nʲɪˈkʲitə]) is a name common in Russia. The Russian variant originated as a masculine Greek name, and subsequently Russian name. The Ukrainian and Belarusian variants are Mykyta (Микита [mɪkɪtɑ]),[1] and Mikita (Мікіта [mʲikʲita]), respectively (but Nikita (Нiкiта) is also in use in both countries). The Romanian variant is Nichita. The name is derived from the Greek Nicetas (Νικήτας, meaning "victor"). The Greek name entered Slavic onomastics by way of the veneration of Saint Nicetas the Goth (died 372) in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Since the later 20th century, the name Nikita has been adopted as a feminine name in some countries such as France. This development was presumably[weasel words] inspired by Elton John's song Nikita (whose music video portrayed a female Russian border guard, presumably the Nikita of the song), and the French film Nikita.

The Indian feminine name Niketā निकेता, Nikitā निकिता is unrelated. It comes from a Sanskrit word nikita निकेत, niketana निकेतन meaning "house, habitation; temple".

People with the given name Nikita[edit]

Slavic name[edit]

Indian name[edit]


  • Nikita, former ring name of Katarina Waters (born 1977), British professional wrestler

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Nikita the Tanner, character in East Slavic folklore
  • Nikita, the main character in the 1990 action thriller film Nikita,
    • The main character in the television series La Femme Nikita, adapted from the above film
    • Nikita Mears, the main character in the television series Nikita, adapted from the above film
  • Nikita Dragovich, the main antagonist in Call of Duty: Black Ops

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