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Nicole "Nikki" O'Neil
Created by Mattel
Ruth Handler[citation needed]
Nickname(s) Artsy[citation needed]
Gender Female
Family Christie[citation needed]
Relatives Steven[citation needed]
Nationality African American[1]

Nikki (short for Nicole O'Neil[citation needed]) is a Mattel fashion doll, marketed as one of Barbie's core friends. Her character debuted in 2005 and is currently among Barbie's core[citation needed] friends along with Midge, Teresa, Raquelle and Summer. Nikki debuted in the Beach Fun Line and later in Fashion Fever Line. Since then, Nikki has been featured in several Barbie doll series.

In the trade paperbacks, Nikki is featured in "A Surprise for a Friend".[2]

With a new addition of friends for Barbie (Teresa is the only remaining character with Ken and Steven) Nikki, along Summer, Raquelle and Blaine, is one of Barbie’s closest friends. She is featured in various Barbie movies and the Life in the Dreamhouse web series. She also appears as "Artsy" in Mattel's Barbie: Fashionistas line of dolls.

She is a counterpart and little sister for Christie.[citation needed]

Personality traits[edit]

She likes finding "hip" things/places, takes pictures and works on a vlog, and does acting/dancing. She dislikes fakes/phonies, cutesy viral videos and people mean to her best friends.[3]

She is a fashion[citation needed] blogger and she likes to find new places to go where she can hang out with her friends.[citation needed]

She is very smart,[citation needed] bold[citation needed] and loyal[citation needed] to her friends and will often[when?] speak out for them if other people try to bring them down. She is very creative[citation needed] and fun[citation needed] and she is one of Barbie's best[citation needed] friends. Nikki is fun-loving[citation needed] and caring[citation needed] and opinionated.[citation needed]


In 2013, some Nikki dolls have a different outfit from Barbie. In the past, it was common that Nikki dolls share the same clothes with Barbie, and Teresa wears a different outfit.[citation needed]

She was made part of the "Ballerina",[4] "Bath",[5] "Beach",[6] "Fashionistas",[7] "Rainbow Hair",[8] "Style",[9] and "Water Play"[10] series. She also got a STEM outfit in 2016.[1]

Movie appearances[edit]

Nikki appears in many Barbie movies including Barbie and the Three Musketeers, Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale and Barbie in A Mermaid Tale. She is a series regular in the web series Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.

Head Molds[edit]

  • When Nikki debuted, she has used her own headsculp, Marked 2005, the "Nikki Headmold".
  • Nikki Chat Divas uses a headsculp with mouth mechanism, the "Barbie 2006 Headmold".
  • Later, Nikki uses a headsculp being virtually equal as Christie, with the "Asha Headmold".
  • In Top Model Series, Nikki came with "Model Of The Moment Nichelle Headmold".
  • In some prototypes, Nikki uses the Asha Headmold, or "Teresa 2006 Headmold".
  • Currently (since 2010), Nikki uses the "Desiree Headmold".


  • Nikki can change chothes fast as Barbie, as seen in ep. 6 of Life in the Dreamhouse.
  • When Midge arrives, Nikki states Midge is her Wisconsin version, and Midge states Nikki is her Malibu version.
  • Onika Tanya Maraj gave herself the stage name "Nicki Minaj" after Barbie's friend Nikki and declared she was the "Black Barbie", as a reference to the Barbie Doll friend she aspired to be as a child, who was also known as an artist and a popstar.


Nikki lives in Malibu, California in “The Nikki House” in the fictional "Barbie World". She is a neighbor of both Raquelle and Ryan as “The Nikki House" is located at the opposite “The Ryan Mansion” via a roundabout of and the near right side of “The Raquelle Mansion” 2012.

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Notes and references[edit]

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