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Nicole "Nikki" Juliet Caetano
Sea Patrol character
First appearance Welcome Aboard
Ep. 1.01 (Pilot), aired 5/7/2007
Last appearance Red Reef
Ep. 3.13, aired 27/7/2009
Portrayed by Saskia Burmeister
Nickname(s) Nav, Navi
Gender Female
Family Four older brothers
Spouse(s) Joshua Holiday (Fiancé)
Rank Lieutenant
Position Navigator

Lieutenant Nicole "Nikki" (Nav) Caetano is a fictional TV character on the show Sea Patrol. She is portrayed by Saskia Burmeister.[1]


Nicole Caetano (also Nikki or Nav) is the ships navigator on-board HMAS Hammersley.

Personal life[edit]

In season one Nikki started a relationship with fellow shipmate ET. When the XO finds out about Nikki and ETs secret love affair she takes it professionally but decides not to say anything because of the friendship that XO and Nikki find between themselves. When ET gives her a clown fish and proposes to her, she is overcome, but begins to worry when ET misses the ship, after it had been crash sailed. When it's discovered ET was murdered along with the rest of his workmates on a diving boat, Nav is heartbroken and is tearful for most of the episode.


Australian Defence Medal


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