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Nik Forrest (formerly known as Nikki Forrest)
Alma materUniversity of Saskatchewan, Concordia University

Nik Forrest (born 1964) is a visual and media artist who lives in Montreal. Born in Edinburgh,[1] their practice includes drawing, installation and sound art. They completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan in 1985 and a master's degree in open media from Concordia University in 1995.[2]

They is best known for her short experimental videos.[3] They has participated in international artist residencies including the CALQ residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina and The Canada Council studio at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris. Their work is included in collections at The National Gallery of Canada,[1] The Saskatchewan Arts Board[4] and Concordia University.[5]

They directed the film My Heart the Rock Star in 2001 as part of a video collaboration with artists Annie Martin and Nelson Henricks titled "My Heart." This was a reflective piece focusing on childhood memory and gender fluctuation.[6][7] They has been involved in sound and video performances including Leibig12 (in collaboration with audio artist Nancy Tobin) in Berlin in 2014.


Selected solo and group expositions:[citation needed]

  • (2018) “Où sommes-nous” Oboro, Montréal, Canada
  • (2018) “Transformables (Part 2)” Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada
  • (2018) “Contaminations” Eastern Block, Montréal, Canada
  • (2016) “Transformables” Eastern Block, Montréal, Canada
  • (2016) “Sounds Like” Paved Arts, Saskatoon, Canada
  • (2015) “Pictures For Listening” Vox, Montreal, Canada
  • (2012) “Flip/Bend” La Centrale, Montreal, Canada
  • (2009) “Observations Part 2“, SBC Galerie d'art contemporain, Montréal, Canada
  • (2009) “Observations Part 1“, SBC Galerie d'art contemporain, Montréal, Canada
  • (2005) “Ectoplasmes“, Société des arts technologiques, Montréal, Canada
  • (2004) “Video Heroes“, Cambridge Galleries, Ontario, Canada
  • (2002) “Placing Spaces“, Spacing Places, MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax, Canada
  • (2002) “Drift“, Galerie Powerhouse, Montréal, Canada, collaboration with Jackie Gallant
  • (1999) Stravaig - Errance, Videographe Gallery, Montreal, Canada
  • (1998) Video d'Ecossee, Articule Gallery, Montreal, Canada
  • (1995) Noise Box / Temporary Room, Optica Gallery, Montreal and AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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