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Nikkilä (Swedish: Nickby) is a village located in the Sipoo municipality in the Uusimaa region of the Southern Finland province. Nikkilä is the centre of Sipoo.

From 1914 until 1999 there was a psychiatric hospital in Nikkilä/Nickby, built by the city of Helsinki. The hospital's name was The Psychiatric hospital of Helsinki, Nikkilä.(Finnish: Nikkilän mielisairaala, Swedish: Helsingfors Sjukhus Nickby).

There are two churches in Nikkilä/Nickby. The older one was built in the 15th century, the new one in 1885.

Coordinates: 60°22′36″N 25°16′06″E / 60.37667°N 25.26833°E / 60.37667; 25.26833