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Nikko Briteramos (born June 22, 1983 in Chicago, Illinois is a former Huron University basketball player convicted in 2002 for not informing his partner of his HIV status before having sex.[1] He received national attention after he was the first person arrested under a South Dakota law requiring that persons inform prospective sexual partners that they are HIV positive. He became the central subject of wide-ranging ethical and philosophical debates regarding the unconstitutionality and illegitimacy of partner notification law.[2][3]

In March 2002, he allegedly participated in a "Post 9-11" Red Cross" blood drive. Several weeks later he was informed by Red Cross officials that the donation that he gave was flagged for HIV.[4]

Briteramos admitted having unprotected sex with the woman in his dorm on April 13. The woman later tested negative for HIV. He was arrested after Health Department officials discovered Briteramos and the woman in his dorm room. He was initially charged with three counts of intentional exposure to the AIDS virus. Two counts were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea.[5]

He pled guilty to one count of "Intentional Exposure to HIV" and received a suspended sentence of five years, 120 days in jail, and 200 hours community service plus fines. According to the plea deal he was to register for school where later found out that he had lost his scholarship. He was eventually arrested for violating the terms of his probation for having spent five hours in the registration process and tested positive for marijuana.[6][7] Briteramos spent 18 months in the South Dakota State Penitentiary.[8]

Following his release from prison, the 6 foot-9 inch Briteramos played in 2005-06 for Chicago State University. He was not drafted by the NBA in 2006.[9]


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