Niklas Wikegård

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Niklas Wikegård
Niklas Wikegård
Wikegård in 2013
Born (1963-10-03) October 3, 1963 (age 53)
Gävle, Sweden

Niklas Wikegård (born October 3, 1963) is a Swedish former ice hockey player and coach, currently working for the TV4 Group as a color commentator in ice hockey-related shows.

Wikegård was head coach for Djurgårdens IF between 2002 and 2005.[1] He has also coached Väsby IK,[2] Bodens IK,[3] and Swiss team EHC Chur.[4] He also worked as an assistant coach to Stephan Lundh in Djurgården 1996 to 1998,[5] and in Malmö Redhawks 1998 to 2001.

In several years Wikegård worked as a color commentator for SVT during hockey games and as a co-host of the show Hockeykväll (English: Hockey Night).[6] On May 23, 2011, SVT announced that Wikegård would leave SVT.[7] The day later Wikegård signed a three-year-long contract with the TV4 Group.[8] Wikegård is also working for the online gambling company[9]


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