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Niko Koffeman

Nico Klaas (Niko) Koffeman (born 12 May 1958) is a Dutch politician and animal rights activist. A Party for the Animals member, he holds a seat and is his party's leader in the Senate since 12 June 2007.


Born in Maassluis, Koffeman worked for several years as a campaign strategist for the Socialist Party. Among his accomplishments was the creation of their current logo.[1] In addition to his political work, he has been active in several animal rights organizations. He has also worked as a broadcast director. He later played a key role in the creation of the Party for Animals. He is a eurosceptic.[2]


Koffeman is married to television presenter Antoinette Hertsenberg.[3] They are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He is a vegetarian.[4]

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