Nikola Hristić

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Nikola Hristić
Никола Христић
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President of the Ministry of Serbia
In office
3 December, 1867 – 3 July 1868
Monarch Milan I
Preceded by Jovan Ristić
Succeeded by Đorđe Cenić
In office
3 October, 1883 – 19 February 1884
Monarch Milan I
Preceded by Milan Piroćanac
Succeeded by Milutin Garašanin
In office
27 April, 1888 – 19 January, 1889
Monarch Milan I
Preceded by Sava Grujić
Succeeded by Kosta Protić
In office
27 October, 1894 – 7 July, 1895
Monarch Alexander I
Preceded by Svetomir Nikolajević
Succeeded by Stojan Novaković
Personal details
Born 10 August, 1818
Sremska Mitrovica, Austrian Empire
Died 26 November, 1911
Belgrade, Serbia
Nationality Serb
Political party Conservative Party

Nikola Hristić (Sremska Mitrovica, 10 August 1818 – Belgrade, November 26, 1911), was a Serbian politician, minister and prime minister.


He came to Serbia in 1840 and was employed in the civil service as a clerk in the judicial and police profession. 1856. He becomes manager of the town of Belgrade. After return of Prince Milos in 1858, he was sacked, but Milos returns to the same position. Prince Mihailo Obrenovic it takes for the Minister of Internal Affairs 1860, and 1867 and became prime minister, which remains until the death of Prince 1868. On that occasion, the same day, arresting the murderers, condemn them as short procedure and returns to the shooting. He was completely loyal to Prince Mihailo in the way of the old officials. The idea of Duke, is seduced by a police regime and choking Liberal opposition, eradicated the brigandage and tightly controlled municipalities.

The death of Prince Michael and forming a new government was retired. He was returned to politics by King Milan only in 1883 as Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs. Suppressed the Timok Rebellion. In 1884 was appointed Vice President of the Council of State. In 1888 again the Prime Minister to conduct a divorce and maintain peace by abdication of King Milan. Next year again retired, and 1894 The fourth time he became prime minister after suspend Constitution of 1888 when it should handle the political situation in the country. In mid-1895 was removed and re-appointed President of the Council of State. Finally he retired in 1901.

Nikola Hristić is remembered as a very capable administrator and personally honest man of conservative views (Slobodan Jovanović).

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