Nikolay Epshtein

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Nikolay Epshtein
Born Nikolay Semyonovich Epshtein
17 December 1919
Kolomna, Soviet Union
Died 27 August 2005(2005-08-27) (aged 85)
Selyatino, Russia
Resting place Vostryakovsky Cemetery, Moscow
Citizenship Russian
Occupation Ice hockey coach

Nikolay Semyonovich Epshtein (Russian: Николай Семёнович Эпштейн) (27 December 1919 – 27 August 2005) was a Soviet ice hockey coach.


Epshtein, who was Jewish, was born in Kolomna, Russian FSFR.[1][2] He coached from 1953 to 1975 in the Soviet National League as head coach of Chimik in Voskresensk.[1][3][4] He was also head coach of the Soviet Union national ice hockey team and the Soviet Junior National Team that won a European Championship.[1][5][6]

He was inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2001.[1] He was an inaugural inductee to the Russian Ice Hockey Hall of Fame in 2005.[1] He died from Alzheimers in 2005.[4]

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