Nikolai Velikov

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Nikolai Velikov
Grand Prix Final 2010 – Juniors – Kiss and Cry Nikolai Velikov.jpg
Nikolai Velikov in December 2010
Personal information
Full name Nikolai Matveyevich Velikov
Former country(ies) represented Soviet Union
Born (1945-06-06) June 6, 1945 (age 71)
Nerekhta, Soviet Union
Residence Saint Petersburg, Russia
Partner Ludmila Sinitsina (Velikova)

Nikolai Matveyevich Velikov (Russian: Николай Матвеевич Великов;[1] born June 6, 1945 in Nerekhta) is a Russian pair skating coach.

Velikov competed with his wife Ludmila Sinitsina, placing fifth at the Soviet Championships. Velikov later retired from competitive skating and became the coach of his wife with Anatoly Yevdokimov, a team who won bronze medals at the 1972 USSR Cup and 1973 RSFSR.

Velikov and his wife, now known as Ludmila Velikova, are based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Their current students include:

Their former students include: