Nikolaos Christodoulou

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Nikolaos Christodoulou
Nikolaos Christodoulou in 1916.jpg
Christodoulou in 1916
Born18 July 1863[1]
Allegiance Greece
Service/branchHellenic Army
Years of service1878–1924
RankGR-Army-OF7-1912.svg Major General
WarsGreco-Turkish War of 1897, Balkan Wars, World War I

Nikolaos Christodoulou (Greek: Νικόλαος Χριστοδούλου) was a Greek infantry officer who rose to the rank of Major General.


Christodoulou with his men during their arrival in Thessaloniki, 1916
Christodoulou welcomed by Zymvrakakis in Thessaloniki

Christodoulou was born on 18 July 1863 in Chalcis. He enlisted in the Greek Army on 14 July 1878. By 1897 he was an officer in the 2nd Infantry Regiment, and fought in the Greco-Turkish War of 1897.[2]

In the Balkan Wars of 1912–13 he initially served as battalion commander in the 3rd Infantry Regiment. On 20 June 1913 and until the Battle of Kresna he assumed command of the 1st Infantry Regiment following the death of the latter's commander, Col. F. Dialetis. He then returned to command his battalion for a few days, before assuming command of the entire 3rd Regiment, which he led during the last days of the Second Balkan War.[2]

In 1916, following the Bulgarian invasion of eastern Macedonia, he did not obey to orders from Athens to surrender and joined with his men the "National Defence" in Thessaloniki and assumed command of the Serres Division, which he led to the front near Gevgelija in December 1916. He continued to command the division until 1918, when he was replaced due to illness. He retired on 24 April 1924.[2]


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