Nikolaus Lenau High School

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Nikolaus Lenau High School
Nikolaus-Lenau-Lyzeum / Liceul Teoretic „Nikolaus Lenau”
Strada Gheorghe Lazăr 2

HeadmistressHelene Wolf[1]
Number of studentsapprox 1,300 (2009)

Nikolaus Lenau High School (German: Nikolaus-Lenau-Lyzeum, Romanian: Liceul Teoretic „Nikolaus Lenau”) is a German language high school, located in Timişoara, Romania. The school was founded in 1870 and is named after the 19th century romantic poet Nikolaus Lenau who was born in the nearby village of Lenauheim.

Besides high school education (Lyzealklassen), the school additionally offers primary education (Grundschulklassen) and intermediate education (Gymnasialklassen) using German as the medium of instruction for the most part. The Nikolaus-Lenau-Lyzeum is currently considered the most important German language high school of the Banat region.[2]

Novelist Herta Müller, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature, graduated from the school. Physicist Stefan W. Hell, who shared the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, attended ninth grade there before emigrating to West Germany. In 1962, guitarist Bela Kamocsa, who was a student at Lenau and a drummer for the local orchestra, met fellow musician Nicu Covaci, who had been hired by one of the band leaders to produce and perform a school concert, founding Transsylvania Phoenix during the production process.[3][4]



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