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Nikolaus Hubert Freiherr[1] von[2] Maillot de la Treille (September 25, 1774 – August 28, 1834) was a Bavarian lieutenant general and War Minister under Maximilian I Joseph and Ludwig I of Bavaria.


Maillot de la Treille was born in Jülich. He joined the cadets corps of the Bavarian army in 1776, and took part in the campaigns during 1800 and 1815. During the war, his son August was born in 1803.[3] In 1813 he became major general and brigadier, and was Bavarian military representative of the German Confederation after 1819. Forced by field-marshal Karl Philipp von Wrede and Crown Prince Ludwig, he became minister of state for the army (Staatsminister der Armee) on September 30, 1822[4] and was advanced to the rank of lieutenant general in 1824. In 1926 the ministerial post was renamed as "war minister". Maillot de la Treille retired in 1829 and died in Munich, where he was buried in the Old Southern Cemetery.[5]

Maillot de la Treille's manor-house at Schwabing was built by the architect Jean Baptiste Métivier.[6]

References and notes[edit]

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