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Nikolay Ivanovich Muralov (Russian: Николай Иванович Муралов; 1877-1937) was a Bolshevik revolutionary leader in Russia, and member of the Left Opposition.

Muralov was one of the few old Bolsheviks who, like Alexey Rykov and Alexander Shlyapnikov, participated directly and actively in the 1905 Revolution.

A soldier in an automobile unit of the army in Moscow at the time of the February 1917 revolution, Muralov brought the first complete and disciplined military detachment over to the side of the Revolution, occupying the wireless station and other points. Muralov was subsequently commander of the Moscow Military district, and a hero of the Russian Civil War, Deputy People's Commissar of Agriculture (he was an agronomist himself), and Inspector-General of the Red Army.

Muralov was tried at the "Trial of the Seventeen" and executed.

Trotsky said of him, "Muralov is a magnificent giant, as fearless as he is kind."

He was rehabilitated in April 1986.

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