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Nikon F55
Nikon F55 with 50mm f1.8.jpg
Nikon F55 with a 50mm f/1.8D
Type SLR
Lens interchangeable lens, Nikon F-mount
Compatible lenses Nikon F-mount lenses with some exceptions
Film format 35mm
Film size 36mm x 24mm
Film advance Auto
Film rewind Auto, partial roll rewind possible
Focus modes Autofocus
Exposure modes Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Metered Manual, 7 subject specific Program modes
Exposure metering 5 segment matrix with G or D-type lenses; Matrix with other AF and AI-P; Heavily center-weighted partial-aria metering selected in Manual
Flash Pop-up TTL, Hot Shoe (non-TTL only)
Flash synchronization 1/90s maximum
Compatible flashes Dedicated Nikon hot shoe mounted flashes; other non-dedicated hot shoe flashes; non-hot shoe flashes with adapter
Shutter electromagnetically controlled
Shutter speed range 30s – 1/2000s
Continuous shooting 1.5 frame/s in Sports Program mode
Viewfinder Fixed eye-level penta-mirror
Battery Two (2) 3V CR2 lithium batteries

129 x 92 x 65mm (F55/N55)

129 x 92 x 67.5mm (F55D/N55D)

350g (F55/N55)

360g (F55D/N55D)
Released 2002

The F55 (or N55 as it is known in the U.S.) is a 35mm film SLR autofocus camera introduced by Nikon in 2002.[1] It was targeted at a new and lower price-point than the F65 (previously Nikon's cheapest autofocus SLR). The F65 continued to be sold alongside the F55. The camera is made in Thailand.

It is unique among recent Nikon autofocus SLRs in that it does not support autofocus on Nikon lenses with "AF-S" silent wave motor focussing, or the "VR" optical stabilisation features found on some lenses.[2]

It features several different operating modes, including seven program modes that are subject specific, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual.[2][3]

Included with the F55D variant is a date/time-imprinting facility, ("Data imprinting,")[4] but at the cost of a slightly larger camera body.


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