Nikon F75

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Nikon F75 (N75)
Nikon F75 01.jpg
Type35mm SLR
Lens mountNikon F-mount
FocusTTL Phase Detection Autofocus (5 zones)
ExposureNikon 3D Matrix (25 zones), Spot, and Center-weighted
Frame rate1.5 frame/s
Made inThailand
Nikon N75 body
Nikon N75 silver body, from the top
Nikon N75 silver body, detail

The Nikon F75 (sold in the United States as the N75 and Japan as the U2) was the last consumer-level autofocus 35mm SLR camera sold by the Nikon Corporation beginning in February 2003.[1] The camera replaced the similarly consumer-targeted Nikon F65.

The Nikon F75 is still sold cheaply on the used market, and is valued because it can drive Nikon's newest lens designs, including those with AF-S and VR.

There was a version, dubbed the F75D (N75D) that featured a date-recording back.


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