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A The Shinjuku Nikon Salon in Tokyo
The Shinjuku Nikon Salon in Tokyo

Nikon Salon (ニコンサロン, Nikon saron) is the name given to exhibition spaces and activities run by Nikon in Japan.

The Ginza Nikon Salon (in Ginza, Tokyo) opened in January 1968 (with an exhibition of work by Ihei Kimura)[1] to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nippon Kōgaku (later renamed Nikon). This was later augmented by the Shinjuku Nikon Salon (Shinjuku, Tokyo)[2] and the Osaka Nikon Salon (Umeda, Osaka).[3] Nikon Salon also holds a biannual international photography contest, gives free portfolio reviews and gives awards for the best exhibitions at the Nikon Salons: the Ina Nobuo Award, the Miki Jun Award[4] and two Miki Jun Inspiration Awards every December. All of the Nikon Salon's activities are open to photographers who use any camera gear.


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